Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 2: Safety Drill and Jetlag (NABOS 2009)

[*Part of an ongoing series documenting the 2009 NABOS Arctic Expedition, approximately 1 year ago today*]

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Today: Jetlag... but NO Sea Sickness... Wahooo!!! It has been easier than expected to adjust to the rocking of the ship in the waves of the Barents Sea. As a matter of fact the rocking of the ship almost rocks you to sleep at night. It should be interesting to see how the ship moves in ice.

Most of the day was spent setting up workstations in the hanger on the back deck of the ship and organizing equipment for deployments. It's a travel day as we head north with our first destination just east of Svalbard where we will be completing our first transect.

In the late afternoon our survival suits (similar to those seen on the TV show "Deadliest Catch") and life vests were distributed. Our safety meeting was held followed by a lifeboat drill. During the drill the alarm sounded (VERY loud, which is great because no one could possibly sleep through that), then we all grabbed our life vests and survival suits and went to our assigned lifeboats. They aren't what I was expecting at all because they're actually completely enclosed, like a giant medicine pill or capsule. Each of the seats in the lifeboat has straps to secure you into a seat and cables above would lower it down to the water in the case of an emergency. Quite the upgrade if you ask me... I was picturing something out of the movie Titanic... haha... on the other hand the life vests did look similar to that era... I guess you can't go wrong with the classic design there!


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