Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Polar_Gal Does in her Free Time

So the reason there's been a little break in the action here was because I was planning and enjoying another one of my many summer vacations! Summers here in Alaska are super short, so you have to make the most of every moment and I've tried my best to plan a little adventure each weekend. Over Labor Day I planned my first trip to Southeast Alaska ... our state's capital city, Juneau! It's only accessible by air or sea so I used my Alaska Air miles to enjoy a solo vacation!

Here are a couple videos I made to share the adventure with you! Let me know what you think... :)

Part 1:

Part 2:


  1. Spectacular scenery! I love the deep blue of those glaciers.

    What camera were you using to capture the video?

  2. I agree! I was awestruck by the glaciers!

    I just used my basic point and shoot Canon camera, it's a few years old and not the highest quality, but it works and it's convenient for making all of my roadtrip videos :) One of these days I'll upgrade so the quality is better... I'll keep dreaming about finding a job where I can make videos and develop outreach materials... haha


  3. I visited SE Alaska a few years ago using the ferry for 3 weeks what an awesome wet place!

  4. How exciting! Which locations did you get off and explore at? Any favorite locations or sights?

    I do agree with you on the awesome wet part... haha! The climate there is so much different from what I'm used to in interior Alaska!